The Card Shark Show Steve Truglia Close Up Magic

Alan Ford

Actor. Played gangster ‘Brick Top’ in Guy Ritchie’s ‘Snatch’. new movie ‘Two Days in the Smoke’
"He’s good, he’s good, I’d come again! There were some tricks that I haven’t seen before"

Dr Raj Persaud

Consultant psychiatrist, broadcaster, and author of popular books about psychiatry.
"I thought this was fabulous, fantastic, I was very impressed with it, particularly the mind reading elements."

John McCririck

Iconic and forthright television personality. Former C4 horse racing pundit.
"The tricks…get better and better as the show goes on, they get more and more mesmerising"

Katie Piper

TV personality and charity campaigner. Founded ‘The Katie Piper Foundation'
"I really enjoyed the show, I had very high expectations and I think it actually exceeded that"

Retweeted Robbi Das (@Lord_Robbi):

Just want to say how awesome the @CardSharkShow was tonight in London. Mind=Blown. Go and see it people it is amazing! #magic #awesome
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GQ magazine review:
... a mix of exposition and illusion that professes to tell you a little of the truth while actually serving up exquisite deceptions. And what a joy it is to see the master at work. Famed for his sleight of hand, Truglia explains the evolution of cardistry from the toolbox of the gambling cheat to the close-up table of the magician. The story is told through film, art history, micro-talks about old-fashioned props (the most intriguing being a Heath Robinson-like device for switching cards in one's coat sleeve) and, of course, plenty of illusions.

It's in the latter that Truglia really shines. Armed with a new deck of playing cards, he's able to keep the whole pack in order after minutes-on-minutes of shuffling; move cards invisibly between piles; flip spectators' choices upside down in the deck at will - and all the while there's a camera pointing in ultra close-up at his hands with the video projected in large format on the wall behind him. Alfred Hitchcock used to talk about "pure cinema" - storytelling through camerawork alone; this is pure magic....If you want to see a specialist skill elevated to the highest level, buy a ticket to the Card Shark Show.
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