The Card Shark Show Steve Truglia Close Up Magic

Dr Raj Persaud

Consultant psychiatrist, broadcaster, and author of popular books about psychiatry.
"I thought this was fabulous, fantastic, I was very impressed with it, particularly the mind reading elements."

Melissa Porter

Television presenter. ‘To Buy or Not to Buy’, ‘Escape to the Country’.
"This was fantastic. I liked it really because it was entertaining but he also added a bit of history"

John McCririck

Iconic and forthright television personality. Former C4 horse racing pundit.
"The tricks…get better and better as the show goes on, they get more and more mesmerising"

Dominic Littlewood

Television presenter and journalist who specialises in consumer affairs.
"He had me, he had me 100%, hook line and sinker, I didn’t have a clue how he did what he did, it was amazing."

Enter an incredible world of trickery, danger, and sleight of hand, all woven into the stories of the world's most notable gambling cheats and con artists. A truly unique magical experience. ... See MoreSee Less

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