GQ Magazine

‘And what a joy it is to see the master at work. Famed for his sleight of hand, Truglia explains the evolution of cardistry from the toolbox of the gambling cheat to the close-up table of the magician.’

‘If you want to see a specialist skill elevated to the highest level, buy a ticket to the Card Shark Show.’

The Stage

‘Award-winning close-up magician Steve Truglia says no one will leave his Card Shark Show without going “Wow!” and he’s right. Enthralling and intriguing, his sleight of hand is clean as a whistle.’

‘Is there anyone better? Truglia’s show is truly magic.’

The Guardian

‘Even when blindfolded, he seems to have the ability to find a full house in a shuffled deck.’



‘his ability to secretly control every single playing card in a deck is a fine as you’ll ever see’

‘you’ll gasp at his demonstration of the speed of today’s card-switching devices’

TNT Magazine

‘A true master of this is Steve Truglia, a close-up magician and king of the cards’

‘What makes this so amazing is the whole time he has a camera directly on his hands, so the audience can see both the live action and the close-up on the screen above his head’

All In London

‘I’ve never been to a magic show before, and I can’t say that card tricks would be high on my list of priorities. But my friend and I were absolutely blown away by Steve Truglia’s “The Card Shark Show” on Friday.’

‘All I can say is that I would happily go and see this show again – astonishing.’

Backstage Pass

‘This is not to be missed. Whether you are a fan of magic or not, grab a ticket and be prepared to be amazed.’

TOFF – Trips for Older Females and Fellows

‘He has written the show himself and is both amusing and technically brilliant at performing’

‘Steve is most accomplished and it is fascinating to watch’

Zoe – Live Like A VIP

‘If, like me, you have seen most of the West End musicals (or maybe you don’t like singing that much) but you still want a sophisticated evening at the theatre then you will love the Card Shark Show’

Katie Piper – TV personality and charity campaigner. Founded ‘The Katie Piper Foundation’.

‘I really enjoyed the show, I had very high expectations and I think it actually exceeded that’

‘As well as a very good magician, he was actually funny as well! Quite a good storyteller, setting the scene and giving you the history of card cheats’

‘Definitely a great trip out for Christmas’

Dr Raj Persaud – Consultant psychiatrist, broadcaster, and author of popular books about psychiatry – has previously participated in celeb poker events.

‘I thought this was fabulous, fantastic, I was very impressed with it, particularly the mind reading elements’

‘I thought it was very impressive’

‘I think his explanation of the history behind card sharks and card sharps was fascinating. He didn’t just do tricks, he explained the history, he showed you some of the books from the past and being a bit of an academic myself I found all of that fascinating’

‘He is clearly interested in the practical application of psychology’

‘He’s at the cutting-edge of some of these techniques’

John McCririck – Iconic and forthright television personality. Former C4 horse racing pundit regularly in the news.

‘It’s amazing what he does’

‘Extraordinary sleight-of-hand’

‘It’s a fantastic performance’

‘It’s a terrific show, it’s not too long, just over an hour’

‘You are absolutely mesmerised and you think how is he doing that!’

‘The tricks…get better and better as the show goes on, they get more and more mesmerising’

‘I defy anyone to come and see Steve, with binoculars or whatever, sit where they like and try and find out what is going on, unless maybe they are members of the Magic Circle’

‘It’s a great experience, it’s someone deceiving you before your very eyes’

Dominic Littlewood – Television presenter and journalist who specialises in consumer affairs. Regular guest reporter on ‘The One Show’ and ‘Watch Dog’. Dominic made his first TV appearance on Channel 4′s ‘Faking It’, where he taught a vicar how to be a salesman in just one month.

‘I was watching him, I was watching his hands and feet and I was trying to see was he trying to distract people and make them look away…’

‘He had me, he had me 100%, hook line and sinker, I didn’t have a clue how he did what he did, it was amazing’

‘That was amazing, it was cool, it was smooth’

‘The little stories and the little video clips was quite unique as you don’t normally get that…I think that made the whole show different, gave it a twist’

‘You couldn’t fault it, it was entertaining, it was good fun’

‘I came along to the show with my girlfriend who was equally impressed as me, I think whoever you bring to this they’ll enjoy it… I think it appeals to all ages’

‘It’s good, clean, good, very good magic and very impressive and with a storyline which made it all the more enjoyable’

‘It was always 100% spot on’

Alan Ford – Actor. Played gangster ‘Brick Top’ in Guy Ritchie’s ‘Snatch’, set to star alongside Matt Di Angelo in new movie ‘Two Days in the Smoke’.

‘He’s good, he’s good, I’d come again!’
‘There were some tricks that I haven’t seen before’

Melissa Porter – Television presenter. ‘To Buy or Not to Buy’, ‘Escape to the Country’.

‘This was fantastic. I liked it really because it was entertaining but he also added a bit of history’

‘I think it’s excellent, I think it’s a really entertaining… for the whole family’

‘I think anybody would enjoy this show’

‘Fast-paced entertainment, it’s also a bit of history as well, which I think both men and women love’

Lee Hurst – Comedian best known as a panellist on the comedy sports quiz ‘They Think It’s All Over’.

‘It was awesome, I really enjoyed it, I could not work out anything that he did!’

‘As a show I thought it was really well-rounded, I liked it a lot’

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